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Friday, April 7, 2017

Raised Doughnuts*

The photos below belong to me.

This is the recipe I should have tried before I tried the last one I tried!  Follow THAT jargon, huh!   I didn't do these up all fancy-like, but they sure are light and  'poofy'.

Remembering the Saturday afternoon raised doughnuts my mother would make when everyone was so busy around the farm with outside projects (jobs), I've been wanting to learn how to make them for a long while and had tried various recipes-- for me, none of them turned out a doughnut as light and  as my mother's!  (My mother had her doughnut recipe "in her head".)

About these?.....I say.....

By the very feel of the dough with this recipe, I was so sure these were going to be LIGHT, and I was right!
Because I used a large doughnut cutter, these are 
almost 5" across and just under 2" thick.

For this great recipe, click on the link below:


For plenty of "how to" photos, click here...

No wonder these doughnuts taste so much 
like the ones my own mother made-- 
because they just are!

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