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Monday, August 22, 2011

Pork Chops w/Mushroom Soup (quick 'n easy)

                                                                                                            Photo by Doris

Photo by Doris


1. Pork Chops
2. Cream of Mushroom Soup, diluted and mixed well with 1/2 its amount in milk.


I like to use the low-fat version of Cream of Mushroom soup.  (With just a few chops, I use the 10.5 oz. can; with a lot of chops, I use two cans OR the 26 oz. can)

Take however many pork chops you want and coat each side with a mixture of flour/salt/pepper (not too much salt, because the mushroom soup will be plenty salty).

Fry each just long enough to brown both sides to a golden brown and remove from pan.  Set aside.  (In the past, I once made these without browning them at all, and nobody complained!)

Spray whatever baking dish you choose with Pam (non-stick spray).  Put down a thin layer of the above combination Cream of Mushroom soup/milk mixture.
Layer the pork chops in the casserole dish.  If you have a lot, you can lay them at an angle with each resting a bit on the other.  If you have less, you can lay them out singly.  If you have them touching each other, lift each slightly as you pour remaining soup over them so that it gets between them.  If they are single layered, just pour the soup over the tops of them.

Cover tightly with foil and bake until done.  My favorite way is to prepare them as above and then bake them in a slow oven (300-degrees) for  2 hours or even more. 

TIP:  The pork chops that are boneless and SO lean that they are beautiful don't end up quite as 'fall apart' good as when using porchops with the bone and a little fat in them. 

1 comment:

  1. I do my pot roasts like this, I have also heard of people adding the dry onion soup mixes to the mushroom soup mix to add a little more flavor to it. I never thought of doing it with pork chops. I also make an oven fried chicken with cream of mushroom and evaporated milk gravy.