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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pie Crust Cutters

For whenever I want 'openings' in a top pie crust and don't want to make just slits or a strip-lattice top, I can use these which I call my "lazy cutters". With these, I can cut designs on 9" or 10" top crusts.

Below:  I think(?) these first two are made by Norpro and 
they sold for $3.48 each.   They might cost a bit more 
these days. (?)  If you are interested in buying
any of these 'forms', you could check at a kitchen 
supply kind of store, or...just do a google search for
" Lattice & Hearts Pie Top Cutters "
Once you bring up a list of websites, click on "images"
so you can see the various design disks that 
are available and from where.

Below:  I think the next two are from Nordic Ware.  On the left (below), the red pie crust cutter with heart design is REVERSIBLE and can be found at:

On the right, this gold pie crust cutter with the apple design is ALSO reversible and can be found at:

 As shown below, this is the pattern on the 
reverse side of the two pictured above...

 The designs are raised and their edges are quite sharp.  

To use them, I first roll the crust to the thickness I want.  Then, I carefully lift it from the table and lay it across the designed disk.  Next, I take the rolling pin and gently press it down as I roll it over the sharp edges of the crust designs.  Just make sure you have the crust rolled down on ALL areas of the raised designs so that when you lift the crust to put it on the pie, you have well-cut openings which make your design.  Some bakers say to lightly dust either the crust or the design disk so that you'll be able to more easily lift the crust off.  

Below:  When I've used the pre-made crusts like what came in this box, I haven't had to flour the crust nor the disk.  But, I suppose if the crust were to get a little too warm, I would HAVE to use a little flour to prevent sticking/tearing. (?)

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