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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Salmon Patties*

Gluten Free Paleo Salmon Cakes

Above:  Most people probably take the stem 
part off the peas before cooking-- I don't because 
that part  is my "handle" when eating 
both the pods 'n peas.

IF you can get past seeing the contents of a newly 
opened can of Fresh Caught Wild Alaskan Pink 
Salmon with its bones and dark skin included, and 
IF you actually LIKE Salmon, you might like these.
(If you don't want to deal with the skin/bones 
scene, buy boneless and skinless Salmon.)

First time around, these patties were 
eaten as shown above.  
We used the left-over patties in sandwiches 
the next day and everyone here liked them that way, too, 
along with leaf lettuce and whatever sandwich sauces 
each of us preferred.  (I chose Thousand Island salad 
dressing; others chose Miracle Whip, etc.)

Recipe makes about 10-11 patties...

  • 1 of 14.75 can Pink Salmon (Fresh Caught Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon)
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 2 ribs of celery, finely diced
  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoons dried dill
  • 1 and 1/2 teaspoons lemon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt (I used pink Himalayan salt)
  • 3 tablespoons coconut flour
  • 4 large eggs, slightly beaten
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  1. In a bowl, break the Salmon up with a fork (I first removed the skin and most of the larger bones). 
  2. Add the diced onion, celery and spices.
  3. Min in the coconut flour and stir it in for about a full minute.
  4. Add the slightly beaten eggs and mix for about one more minute.
  5. Shape the mixture into about 10 patties, roughly 1/2" thick and 2" wide.
  6. Put coconut oil into a skillet and heat to medium high.  Add the patties to your pan and cook until each side is golden brown, maybe 3-4 minutes on each side.  
Below:  Our sunset scene at 8:35 PM tonight...

* Recipe adapted from

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