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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


While I make reference to a cake recipe* below, 
there is no actual recipe in today's posting-- 
only BEAUTY and something very TASTY!

For as long as I've known him, my husband has ALWAYS liked strawberries-- he likes picking them, helps with de-stemming them, and surely likes eating them in many different ways.  In malts, shakes and sundaes; on waffles and pancakes; in pies, and in cakes; and  however many other ways there are to eat them.   (He also likes banana and coconut cream pies... and, blueberrry... and, pumpkin...and, apple...and cherry... and, rhubarb... and, lemon... AND...)

Even through the years when he was so very busy with farm work, he'd somehow find the time to go to the strawberry fields south of Clintonville whenever we received the notice about the berries being ready!   Often, we'd go as a family.  As our children moved on to homes of their own, we had grandchildren and/or foster children to take with us and they loved the experience.  On certain picking days, the owners of the U-pick place would take/bring the pickers to/from the designated berry fields on wagons pulled by a team of work horses.  FUN, fun, FUN!  Otherwise, it's always on a wagon pulled by a tractor.

Just like last year, the price for the berries is $1.20/lb.

I put some of today's berries (unsugared) in a single layer on cookie sheets to freeze overnight-- tomorrow morning, I'll put them into a baggie so hubby can get a few out at a time to put into his smoothie drinks.  The rest I ran through the slicer attachment of my Kitchen Aid mixer, sugared them a little, and bagged them up in amounts of 16 oz. each.  After strawberry season is long past, these will taste so good on waffles/pancakes and in other recipes calling for strawberries.


Today, our 'after berry work' treat was a variation of a 'strawberry shortcake' dessert (pictured below).  

It was a little different in that, for the CAKE part, I used very thin slices (layers) of a POUND CAKE I made for something else.  

*The actual recipe I used for the cake can be found in my 'blog index' and is listed under cake-- POUND CAKE.

It was BERRY tasty!


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