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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yellow Caramel POKE Cake

Two missionaries were coming for supper tonight-- 
this quick/easy dessert was our "finisher".
It's what I call a "doctored up" box cake!

For just the cake part of this, I did not follow the directions that are on the back of the yellow "boxed" cake mix.  Instead, I added "things"--  I did with the cake mix what it says to do on the following link, except that I used a YELLOW cake mix, and I added 4 WHOLE eggs instead of just 4 egg whites:
I think my 9x13x2" cake baked for almost 45 minutes with how my oven works.  Rather than stick to a certain baking time, check your baking cake by ever so carefully inserting a clean/dry toothpick after 35 minutes-- when the toothpick  comes out clean, it's done.  After my cake was baked, I then "changed course" and followed the recipe directions given on the next website.

Yes,...The rest of the ideas for this easy cake, including
the poked holes filled with caramel topping 
and the wedge of apple used for decoration
came from the Betty Crocker website at...
(Or, just google Caramel Surprise Cake)

Rather than prepare individual apple slices for "decoration",  as directed to in the recipe, I just took thin slices off of a store-bought nutty/caramel apple that looked like this...

And,... it ended up 
looking like this...

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