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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Super Bowl Feast!

The NFL Super Bowl was held on Sunday -- for about two weeks leading up to it, food programs and food blogs focus on foods to be served for that kind of celebratory party. 

 I'm all for spending a whole lot of money and slaving in the kitchen for a cause like that (sometimes)-- after all, it only happens once a year, right?   Because of that thinking, I went 'all out'!!!!

Well,... maybe I didn't. 

Saltines and Herring!  (That's it!)

If I make the picture bigger, will this look more impressive?
How about this?

Maybe THIS one will do it?   Yes?

Well, I tried.  You can't say this 'feast' didn't take some planning.  Because I didn't make the crackers nor catch the fish, I had to find them in a store, pay for them and bring 'em home.  The jar had to be opened, and the stack of saltines, too. 
None of this should be a surprise to those who really know me--  I'm a whole lot about simplicity.  Can you tell this was simple?  And easy?  So, folks, this was the extent of our big 'hoopla' kind of Super Bowl party, for the most exciting part... we liked our simple no-fuss kind of 'party'!!!
For no really huge reason, we hoped the New York Giants would win, and they did.  Afterall, the Giants were the ones who took our Green Bay Packers out of the playoffs-- because of that, we were hoping they'd be 'that serious' all the way to the end, and they were!   

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