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Monday, January 2, 2012

IT'S JANUARY!-- and, for me, that means...

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, I looked out the window and what did I see?....a beautiful sight-- this snow-laden tree (still lit up by the overnight light).  I think the kind of snow that flocks the branches/trunks is so special.

Okay,... getting back to my title--  January means I need to be spending plenty of time on different kinds of 'book work', farm-wise and otherwise. 

Until I get all of that taken care of, I won't be posting very much on this blog.  Well,... I might sneak a few things in here and there, but most of that 'fun kind of stuff' will have to wait. 

One good part about this January is that, as I mentioned in a previous posting about using the FoodSaver to 'package up' meals, I won't have to be doing much cooking while I'm extra busy, period.

For now, it's..................... after I get my "January's things" finished, I'll be so happy to see you here, again!

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