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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wheat Grinder

At the beginning of my recipes using whole wheat flour (well,... not the REALLY far back beginning as in the 'planting/growing' beginning), I see this... 

After a thorough dusting (pouring the wheat back 'n forth from one container to another outside in a strong wind), I put it in the wheat grinder which I've had since the mid-80's.  I don't know if everyone's machine lasts THIS long, but............. I LIKE!!!!

Below:  The freshly ground wheat ends up looking like this...  it's ready to use for baking.  (I promptly refrigerate any left-over flour.)

Where did I get the wheat from? A number of years ago, my hubby drove to Peshtigo and bought a few 100# burlap sacks of hard Winter wheat from a farmer-- it was amazingly clean!!!!!!!   I think it's also amazing that if stored in ideal conditions, wheat stays g-o-o-d for a long while (in its whole/unground state, that is).

One source for ordering  whole wheat is here:

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