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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm reminded of an old tune, "..♪ may be silly, but ain't it fun! ♪"  Ah, yes-- it might be silly to like gadgets, but,...  gadgets that make food preparation easy without being expensive can be a good thing!

Above:  For years, I've had the grater on the left-- it has places for 'small grating' and 'larger grating'.  I thought all was good-- that was, until Paula brought me the grater on the right with the much larger grating openings.  Now, when I don't need 'small/medium  gratings' and I'm in a hurry, I grab the one of the right (I like it!).  On the plate, you can see the size of cheese that each of the 'grate holes' make.

There's something else I like the large grater for:  When a recipe calls for softened butter and I only have 'cold stuff', I quickly grate it and in almost no time at all,-- like magic!-- the butter has softened.

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