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Monday, November 28, 2011

Strainers instead of a real sifter...

Meet my triplets...

I own two actual sifters (the kind specifically made for sifting flour, or other powdery things).  But, since watching Martha Stewart do kitchen things a long time ago, I switched to using these kinds of strainers ever since and use them for sifting flour and so much more.  (The regular flour sifter would make the powdered sugar get ticked off to the point of it being filled with static, etc.)  These are quite inexpensive, and......... they are multi-purpose in that I also grab them for what they were probably made for-- straining different kinds of liquids (chicken stock, included).   Also, after I pour unground wheat from one container to another in a strong outside wind, I like to bounce it around in a strainer like this-- any lingering fine dust slips out the bottom.  I like their little 'kettle resting' tabs opposite of the handle end.  My daughter Cheryl said that if she buys extra white sugar when it's on sale and it ends up with little clumps by the time she uses it, she just runs it through a strainer like this and everything's flowing just 'fine' in no time! These strainers just happen to be my preference for de-lumping things.

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