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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Penny's Tater-Tot Casserole

Penny gave me this recipe in the 70's and our family has always liked it.

Grease a 2-3 qt. casserole dish.

Brown 1 lb. lean ground beef, drain off the fat.   Season the meat with salt 'n pepper.

Add 1 can cream of mushroom soup to the ground beef.  Put this mixture into prepared casserole dish.

Spread  1 can (15-16 oz.) green beans on top of the meat mixture. (I'm thinking other vegetables would also work-- especially those that would taste good with the dried french onion rings added in the next step?  In a pinch, I've made this without the french onion pieces added and it was okay, too.) 

Sprinkle 1 can (3 oz.) dried french onion rings/pieces over the green beans

Arrange enough tater-tots on the casserole to cover the whole top (standing on their ends, they make for a pretty covering).

Bake at 375 for almost 1 hour. 

P.S.  Once when Wayne was 'recuperating' from something, our H.T. Larry R. brought a casserole of this over to us--  he made it for us while his wife was busy with her schooling schedule.  It was amazing how carefully and perfectly he had arranged those Tater Tots!   Besides tasting SO good, it was BEAUTIFUL!!!


  1. I have loved looking at all your recipes, there are several I am excited to try. I decided a while ago to put my recipes on a blog for the main purpose I can access them anywhere.

    anyway, I love adding a can of corn to a tater tot casserole, I like the extra vegetable.

  2. Hi, Stacy, I appreciate your sweet words/comments. I like the suggestion about the corn. Some say corn is only a 'fattener' kind of food, but I don't see that kind of thinking keeping people from enjoying buttered corn on the cob! Besides corn adding its BRIGHT 'sunshiney' color to otherwise 'drab' looking combinations, I figure this......... something that starts out like COokie (as in COrn) is all good! I'm going to add corn next time! This blog ('meeting place') of recipes does also come in handy when I'm visiting children in faraway places. IF you compile your recipes and make them public, I would love to know about it-- and, it's a fantastic way to be reminded of HOW/WHEN we got a particular recipe from someone we remember and love.